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Childbirth Services (Non-Medical)

Prenatal Visit, Continuous Labor & Birth Support, 
Breastfeeding/Chest-Feeding Counseling,
Postpartum Visit, Referral Resources 

Pregnant belly

Prenatal Visit

I will come to your home for one (3 hour maximum) prenatal visit following a 20 minute contract consultation set up via email. During this time, you and loved ones can discuss your current pregnancy story and any fears or concerns that you have. We will also talk about how I can support your holistic needs and cultural beliefs, in addition to exploring how to consider intervention benefits, risks, and alternatives during labor. I will answer questions and give you childbirth information.

Birthing Room

Labor & Birth Support

I will be on call, so that I can accompany you during your labor and birth. I will provide continuous support. I will be your advocate and facilitate communication. I will also use natural pain management techniques, such as position modification, visualization, aromatherapy, and touch techniques, to help you achieve a faster, more positive labor experience. Above all, I will work to enhance your emotional comfort, wherever you choose to have your baby.  

Nursing Newborn

Breastfeeding/Chest-Feeding Counseling

I will observe and answer breastfeeding questions soon after birth to promote skin to skin benefits & optimal latching. I will also provide comprehensive breastfeeding information as you enter your postpartum period. If you determine that you want the support of a CLC, I may arrange a session with one I recommend. 

Mother and Baby

Postpartum Visit

I will come to your home a couple days after your birth to check on how you, your partner/family, and baby are doing. We will also process your birthing experience together. The visit and our Doula relationship will conclude after I provide a list of referral resources to promote your healing.

*See Resources/Referrals Info (scroll)

Prenatal Yoga with Laptop

Prenatal Yoga (Outside Doula Scope of Practice)

As a Yin Yoga Teacher, and Anjali Yoga Academy Trained Prenatal Instructor, I can use my skills to further your mind-body awareness, in a safe, gentle manner. 

*View Disclaimer (scroll)

Friendly Conversation


Should you express the need for additional support, I will provide a list of resources in your area. I can offer referrals if you are experiencing psychological, adjustment or physical distress. This can include but is not limited to: a trusted perinatal psychologist, psychotherapist, psychiatrist, midwife, birthing center, community program, OBGYN or CLC. 


*All Childbirth Doula services will begin after receiving a signed Childbirth Doula contract from clients. Said contract details available services & fees, and the Childbirth Doula's scope of practice, expectations & limitations. Said contract is also a release of liability form. *Prenatal yoga is generally safe, and uses prudent, informed methods to help keep you and your baby well. However, since prenatal yoga is a form of physical activity, prior to partaking in a prenatal yoga session with me, you must sign an acknowledgement of risk/release of liability form, and you must have clearance from your healthcare provider to engage in exercise. Prenatal yoga is also outside of the scope of DONA International Doula practice. Therefore, as a Prenatal Yoga Instructor, I, Siena Ann Vaccara, E.M, M.A, practice this form of support outside of my Doula credentials. I assume no responsibility for any injury that may occur (please view the below release form copies for more information):

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