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Pregnant Woman

Why Should I Hire a Doula? 

  • Doulas are non-medical providers who offer continuous perinatal support in the form of information, holistic pain management, communication facilitation & emotional comfort. Doulas do not replace partners, they encourage all loved ones (DONA International, 2022).


  • A Doula's presence is empirically observed to shorten labor duration, prevent cesareans, reduce epidurals, prevent birth trauma-PTSD, PMADS and postpartum depression. Doulas can also strengthen birth partner confidence, improve infant attachment styles & APGAR scores, ease breastfeeding discomfort, and reduce maternal mortality rates (Hans et. al., 2017).


  • Doulas are advocates that promote safe, comprehensive, comfort- focused care, so you feel less anxious. Doulas can serve as a communicative bridge between the healthcare and personal sides of childbirth, by amplifying your voice, while respecting professionals. They empower, and preserve positive memories. All birthing people deserve to have one at their side. 

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