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Pregnant Belly

Prenatal, Labor, Delivery, and Postpartum Support

"You deserve to feel heard, comforted and reassured. As your Childbirth Doula, I can provide a non-medical prenatal visit, information, holistic labor pain management, breastfeeding/chest-feeding counseling, a postpartum visit, and continued emotional support. As a prenatal yoga instructor, I can aid in mind-body awareness cultivation and birth preparation. As someone who has received an education from the only Ed.M, M.A perinatal mental health curriculum offered in the country, I can connect you with reputable psychological referrals & community assets. Your well-being during this exciting transitional time period in your life is my top priority. I will provide you with resources to help you understand your options and rights and to empower you to make autonomous reproductive & birthing decisions."

                                                                                          - Siena Vaccara, Ed.M, M.A




Siena Vaccara, Ed.M, M.A
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  • M.A, Columbia University Psychological Counseling

  • Ed.M, Columbia University Mental Health Counseling

  • AdvCert, Columbia University - Reproductive & Maternal Well-Being

  • Pre-CD(DONA), DONA InternationalChildbirth Doula Training

  • B.A, Purchase College, SUNY - Psychology & Gender Studies

  • Cert: Purchase College, SUNY - Early Childhood Development​​

  • Cert: Anjali Yoga Academy (YACEP) - Yin and Prenatal Yoga Instruction
  • Cert: NY Psychiatric Institute C-SSRS
  • Cert: Ali Haider Program - Aromatherapy & Essential Oils
  • Cert: American Red Cross - Adult & Pediatric First Aid/CPR/AED

Siena Vaccara, Ed.M, M.A (she/her), received her Masters in Mental Health & Psychological Counseling from Teachers College, Columbia University, with a specialization in Reproductive & Maternal Well-Being. In asking the question "How Can We Better Perinatal Mental Healthcare Outcomes?" -While writing her graduate level thesis, Siena discovered that all of her research pointed to the importance of labor support & more specifically, the Doula's role in ensuring that birthing people feel protected both emotionally & physically during the most vulnerable period of their lives.

Inspired by her studies and professional years of interacting with new parents in daycare & healthcare settings; Siena realized that the best way to implement doula counseling techniques into her practice as a psychotherapist-was to become a doula herself! Now she is a Birth Doula & MHC-LP, combining her helping roles to provide full-spectrum perinatal care. 

Siena in addition to her Ed.M & M.A, holds a Bachelor's in Psychology and Gender Studies and a certificate in Early Childhood Development from Purchase College, State University of New York. She also has a certificate in Yin and Prenatal Yoga Teaching from Anjali Yoga Academy, a Yoga Alliance accredited educator. Siena is a NY State MHC-LP psychotherapist. She added doula care to her expertise after learning from world renowned Doula & Lamaze instructor, Debra Pascali-Bonaro through DONA International.

Siena has an immense passion for closing the disparities found in childbirth care, so she recognizes the diverse needs of new parents. Siena uses her holistic and expansive wellness background as a means to support the different facets of maternal/birthing person well-being: pain management, emotional health, and interpersonal-relational health.


Siena’s identity as both a Mental Health Counselor and Doula allow her to provide care that is focused for people who are in varying phases of their life. Siena also wishes to expand LGBTQIA+ & BIPOC affirming birthing spaces. She is a woman from Brooklyn, New York, of US, Italian, and French nationality. When Siena has free time, she plays the piano.

Siena's Doula Story:



For an initial consultation and to set up a prenatal visit, please send an email detailing your name, pronouns, contact information, geographical location, baby due date, questions, and availability. Rates and appointments will be discussed via online contract consultation prior to beginning billable services. 


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